Arrow Midseason Premiere Promo Sheds Light on Laurel’s Return

New Teaser and Scene Released

How is Laurel back from the dead has been on every fan’s mind since the final moments of the midseason finale. In the final moments of the episode Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) returned to the arrow-cave to find a female intruder standing by the costume displays, who revealed herself to be Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), a character killed off in the prior season.


The CW have just released a couple of new promos for the show’s return, the first of which shed’s some light on how Laurel has come back from the dead. Which earth this version of Laurel comes from remains to be seen.


The Midseason Finale also ended with Diggle (John Ramsey) being recaptured after escaping from prison; being framed for a crime he didn’t commit. That storyline hasn’t been very active in the first half of the season but the new promo suggests it will pick up right away.


Arrow returns to the CW on January 25th.

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