DC’s Geoff Johns Teases Another TV Show

Announcement Is Forthcoming

Not long after the new year began DC comics present Geoff Johns took to twitter to celebrate by tweeting the 5 things he’s looking forward to the most this year – including a new tv show to be announced soon.

DC currently have “Arrow,” “The Flash,” Legends of Tomorrow,” “Supergirl” & “Izombie”airing on The CW along with “Gotham” & “Lucifer” on Fox and “Preacher” on AMC. Delayed after the showrunner left, “Powerless” is set to debut on NBC this February.


It is unclear if Johns tweet is in reference to one of the many shows know to be in various stages of development (Black Lightning, Krypton, Scalped, DMZ, Y: The Last Man) or if DC are planning yet another tv show.

Development on “Sandman” has gone back and forth between film and tv for years, with the most recent screenwriter departing the project and holding the belief that the comic should be adapted to television. HBO confirmed talks with Zack Synder over a potential “Watchmen” tv series back in 2015, and TNT passed on a Teen Titans show roughly a year ago.

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