X-men Supernova in development

To Me My X-men

[UPDATE X-men: Supernova Production start pushed to Mid-June]

If a recent casting notice is to be believed, then it appears as though Fox will have three X-men related films in production at the same time later this year.

Casting site Myentertainmentworld.com recently uploaded a post for a feature film titled X-men: Supernova, including a shoot date for Mid May of this year in Montreal; shortly afterwards the site also updated their post for X-men: The New Mutants (the film is also set to film in Montreal this year), implying that these will be two separate films.

Audiences have been craving for more of Deadpool after the film far exceeded expectations in 2016 (the film is currently nominated for plenty of prestigious awards) and despite not having a confirmed release date, Deadpool 2 is also set to start filming this year.

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X-Men: The New Mutants and X-men: Supernova filming starts

While no story details for X-men: Supernova have been listed at this time, the film could be one of several x-men related films discussed over the past few years by series producer & writer Simon Kinberg. An X-force movie possibly starring X-23 or Deadpool, a re-telling of the dark phoenix saga set in the new timeline (the franchise was rebooted in X:men Days of Futures Past) or a different storyline serving as a sequel to X:men Apocalypse. A solo movie focusing on the mutant Gambit was also in development for a few years before being removed from Fox’s line-up of films after repeated attempts to get production off the ground failed.

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Logan, the newest film in the Franchise and Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as Wolverine, is set for release on March 3rd.


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  1. Really really hoping this is legit. I’ve been waiting anxiously for an announcement for the next mainline X-Men movie. Need more of the new Cyclops, Jean, Storm, and Nightcrawler that we saw in Apocalypse!


    1. Bill k says:

      Don’t hold your breath. I’m sure it will be another Xavier / Magneto / Mystique movie with a supporting cast.


      1. O-Face says:

        The last film was actually Jean’s film as much as it was their’s. She got the same amount of screentime.


      2. Xavier, yes. Magneto… maybe. I honestly don’t see Lawrence coming back though. I think we’ll finally see more focus on Scott, Jean, and Storm in the future movies.


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