The Darksaber Returns In This New Clip From Star Wars: Rebels

“I don’t quit. I Never quit”


Sabine has her work cut out for her as she trains to use the legendary darksaber on this week’s Star Wars: Rebels.

The ancient weapon is of great cultural significance to Mandalorians, as it was forged by the very first Mandalorian Jedi. Members of House Vizsla would go on to liberate the weapon from a Jedi temple and pass it down for generations, using it to unify the people and strike down their enemies.



“In this clip from the Star Wars Rebels episode “”Trials of the Darksaber,”” Kanan trains Sabine, new custodian of the legendary Darksaber, in the art of combat. But she has much to learn…

Star Wars Rebels: Trials of the Darksaber airs this Saturday night on Disney XD.

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