Roel Reine To Direct The First 2 Episodes of Marvel’s The Inhumans

Dutch filmmaker Roel Reine has been hired to direct the first two episodes of Marvel’s The Inhumans, their latest television series about a group of super-powered humans who received their abilities through alien experimentation. Roel is an award-winning filmmaker in his homeland where he received the dutch equivalent of an Oscar for his directorial debut The Delivery. He recently made his North American Television debut directing an episode of Starz’s Black Sails.


The Inhumans will focus on a completely different group of characters than the inhumans who have already appeared on Marvel’s Agents of Shield. The series is said to focus on the inhuman royal family, including Black Bolt, the silent leader whose vocal cords are so powerful that their use can shatter entire cities. His red-haired Queen Medusa who often speaks on his behalf is expected to co-star, alongside inhuman dog lockjaw and Black Bolts younger brother Maximus the Mad.

The release of The Inhumans will be the first of it’s kind. Originally planned as a feature length film for release in 2019, The Inhumans is now planned as an eight episode television series, with the first two episodes premiering exclusively in IMAX theaters in the fall. Television network ABC will premiere the weekly series following the first two episodes two week run in IMAX theaters.



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