Marvel’s New Spider-man Comic Goes Back To Basics

“Have fun, have heart, have stakes”

Spider-man fans rejoice, as Marvel announced today (via Entertainment Weekly) that everyone’s favorite wall crawler will star in a brand new monthly comic book starting this summer. Titled Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, the series will be written by Chip Zdarsky (Howard The Duck) and drawn by Adam Kubert (The Amazing Spider-man: Renew your vows).

The series will stand alongside and reflect the events taking place Dan Slott’s The Amazing Spider-man while providing readers with a more traditional Spider-man comic book. While the flagship title will continue to star Peter Parker as he runs his worldwide tech company, the new series will return the character to basics, focusing on Peter in a New York City setting along with a conventional supporting cast.

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-man by Chip Zdarsky and Adam Kubert

Speaking to how Spider-Man is an everyday hero Zdarsky says “Spider-Man is kind of like when you’re a kid and you go to camp or a new school, and you think, “I can be a new person here,” but you invariably end up with the same problems because you’re still, you know, the same person. Peter can be having a crummy time of things, put on his Spider-Man outfit and feel like he can do anything. But inevitably his “Parker luck” spoils things, even as Spider-Man. And part of the fun of the character is seeing how he gets out of the holes he digs for himself. There are still periods where one is doing better than the other and I’ve always loved that aspect of secret identities. Peter could get a new job, a new girlfriend, but Spider-Man is accused of a crime and is public enemy number one. That’s the fun of Spider-Man, you’re playing with the outside perception of two characters.

Zdarsky also discusses his inspiration for the series saying “I also loved the stories that made you feel like Spidey was up against impossible odds. The classic scene from issue #33 of him struggling under the wreckage; his defeat of Firelord, Galactus’s herald; the introduction of Venom, which was terrifying; or when J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr. introduced Morlun, an unstoppable, single-minded villain. Even though he’s been on teams, Spidey as the loner trying desperately to survive and save everyone is key. I also love stories that remind you of why you love the character. Superior Spider-Man managed to do that superbly while not even having Spider-Man as a character, which was incredibly bold with a fantastic payoff. I think those are the things I want to push in this book: impossible odds and reminding people why they love Spider-Man.”

The first issue of the new series will debut in the form of a Free Comic Book Day one-shot in May, with the main series set to debut in June.

The original Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-man series ran for 264 monthly issues between 1976 and 1998.

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