Kevin Smith Developing ‘Sam and Twitch Series For BBC America

Kevin Smith cannot stop working on new projects. Just days after the popular podcaster and filmmaker announced a new Jay and Silent Bob film to be in the works, a new report from Deadline reveals that Mr. Smith will be developing a television show based on comic book characters Sam and Twitch for BBC America. The characters originally appeared in the comic book Spawn before spinning off into their own self titled series.

Kevin Smith to develop Sam and Twitch


“[Kevin Smith] is attached to write, direct and EP a series based on the Sam And Twitch comic book series for us,” states BBC America president and GM Sarah Barnett. “They were originally introduced in Spawn, and it’s Todd McFarlane’s comic book series about these big-city homicide detectives who face a series of super grizzly crimes that are connected to the occult. It’s kind of frightening and sort of gallows humor. It’s, again, procedural, but in a very modern, contemporary way. So each episode is closed ended, although there are certain character-serialized aspects to the storytelling.”

Mr. Smith is currently directing his second episode of Supergirl for The CW after having already directed two episodes of The Flash for the network. The filmmaker is no longer attached to the proposed television adaptation of Buckaroo Banzai, though he is still developing the third film in his “True North Trilogy,” Moosejaws. 

Sam and Twitch does not have an official release window, nor is there any indication as to whether or not the series will tie-in with the upcoming Spawn film reboot.

[Update: Fatman on Batman co-star Marc Bernardin is not currently attached to write for the show]

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