5 Comic Book Based Shows In Development You Should Know About

When people think about comic books, we tend to associate them with improbable stories about loveable superhero protagonists who fly around the world saving us from alien menaces or the neighbourhood vigilantes who bring justice to the local streets. There has been a massive (and very successful) focus on adapting these characters to the large and small screens in recent years, with each adaptation transforming these characters into pop culture superstars (who ever would have thought we’d see ant-man in multiple live action movies?).

Marvel and DC remain as the big two comic book companies, continuously publishing these grand adventures starring some of our favourite super heroic characters as well as developing onscreen universes of shared films and television programs. Although we enjoy witnessing these characters triumphs and tribulations, there are plenty of incredible tales told in the comics medium which tell very different kinds of stories. With The Walking Dead currently airing as one of the most popular shows on television, we thought we’d share with you five other upcoming comics based television shows we’re looking forward to which also don’t star characters in tights.

1: Scarlet

Scalped by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev 

Cinemax are set to develop a television series based on the thought provoking and inspiring series written by longtime Marvel Comics scribe Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by his Daredevil and Moon Knight collaborator Alex Maleev. Released through Marvel’s Icon imprint, Scarlet tells the story of a young woman who rebels against a corrupt society and inspires a new American revolution. What with the current political state of America right now, the series could not come at a more perfect time. Though the comic book series may unfortunately suffer from a sporadic release schedule, we’re gladly looking forward to more of Scarlet, in whichever form that may be.

2: Sex Criminals

Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky

Created by Hawkeye and Casanova writer Matt Fraction with art by Chip Zdarsky, Sex Criminals tells the story of a young woman named Suzie who discovers that she has the ability to slow down time whenever she has an orgasam. Jon, an aspiring actor, has the same ability. Naturally they do what any young couple would do in that situation: have sex in and rob banks. Things get interesting when they discover that other people share the same power. What else could you want out of a series? If done properly this show will certainly have everyone talking. The comic book is published through Image comics, with the television series in development at Universal TV.

3. Scalped

Scalped by Jason Aaron and R. M. Guera

Longtime X-men writer Jason Aaron penned this gritty crime drama with R. M. Guéra as the artist through Vertigo comics back in 2007. Set on a Native American reservation in South Dakota, Scalped follows undercover FBI agent Dashiell Bad Horse as he returns home to “the Rez.” On assignment to gather evidence linking Tribal chief and crime boss Lincoln Red Crow to the murder of two FBI agents, Dashiell must face his Indian heritage and find his place in the world. The gritty series is perfect for a live action television adaptation. The pilot for the series, currently in development at WGN America, recently cast its directors.

4. Y: The Last Man

Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra

Written by Marvel’s Runaways creator Brian K. Vaughan with art by Pia Guerra, Y: The Last Man begs the question of “what would happen to the last man (and male monkey) on earth?” When every living thing with a Y Chromosome seemingly dies at once, Yorrick Brown must contend with all manner of women who want to kill him, sleep with him or use him for scientific experiments, all while on a journey to find his girlfriend in Australia. He also has a male pet monkey, and what story isn’t worth checking out when it has a pet monkey? The series, originally published by Vertigo comics, has been stuck in development hell for awhile now, going through different iterations as a film and as a television series. With Michael Green being announced as the showrunner late last year, hopefully we’ll be seeing Yorrick and Ampersand on televisions sooner rather than later.

5. Southern Bastards


Another spectacular series from writer Jason Aaron along with artist Jason Latour, Southern Bastards is a gripping crime drama taking place in the fictional setting of Craw County, Alabama. Published through Image comics, the ongoing comic book is centered on Euless Boss, the local crime boss and head coach of the Craw County Runnin Rebs football team. Masterfully written and full of surprising twists, Southern Bastards is one of the best comic book series published in recent memory. We can only hope that the adaptation is as good as the source material.

Needless to say that if you haven’t already read these books that we strongly recommend giving them a go before they make their way to your television screens. These five are only few of the comic book based shows that are currently in development, with plenty more on their way.

Any particular show that you’re especially excited for? Do you think one of these series will become the next The Walking Dead? Let us know on facebook, twitter, tumblr or instagram.

For more updates on all of these shows and more, stay tuned to all the stuff you care about.

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